The Differences between men and women.


( ) Are men and women different? Of course, men have balls and women have boobs. But are they really different?… Do women talk more than men? In her book “The Female Mind”, Dr. Luan Brizendine wrote that women talk 3 times as much as men. According to her, an average woman speaks 20000 words per day, while an average man only chalks up 7000. She says that women devote more brain cells to talking than men do. I think this is true to a certain extent. Virtually all the women I know talk more than I do (but I’ve been told many times that I’m always either singing or humming)… This idea however, has been countered one year later by the researcher named James Pennebaker. According to him, both men and women speak almost the same number of words per day. Women on average speak 16215 words, while men speak 15689. The difference is statistically insignificant (makes sense. Men quack about women quacking even more than women actually quack). However he says, women tend to speak more about other people, whereas me tend to speak more about concrete objects.. Another study published in the Personality and Social Psychological Review, says that men speak slightly more than women. It also says that women are more talkative than men when conversing with children & college classmates, while men talk with spouses and strangers more than women. With strangers, women try to form a connection, while men seek to influence the listener. That’s men’s power hunger speaking… James Pennebaker’s research shows something quite interesting. The top talkers of the study, uttering up to a staggering 47000 words per day on average, were all men, while the most economical speaker was also a man, who spoke only 500 words per day. This resembles the IQ patterns of men and women. While there appear to be no real difference between the average IQs of men and women, men tend to be more heavily represented at the extremes of IQ distribution. So there are more mentally retarded men than women, but also more male geniuses than female Einsteins. Perhaps this explains why men rule the world. It is a world created by men… However, a British researcher has reported that the male ego is often larger than his actual IQ. Hence they overestimate their own IQs. Men also like to be perceived as experts, and experts in everything at that (I never read instruction manuals unless I’m absolutely desperate)… Men are natural problem-solvers, or fixers. It is said that when a woman says “I want to talk to you”, what she means is that she wants the listener to just listen. Most of the time, they don’t exactly want the listener to solve their problems. But this concep is often alien to men. So they try to fix the problem. They begin by advising… Women laugh more than men. A study conducted by the Neuroscientist Robert Provine claims that women laugh more than men in everyday conversations. There’s no conclusive scientific explanation to this… Women cry more than men, but no one really knows why. Girls & boys cry about the same amount of times until they reach the age of 13. By the time they turn 18, women cry 4 times more than men. One theory is that women cry more than men because of social conditioning. Another explanation is that this is because of physical and hormonal differences. Boys and girls have the same level of the hormone called prolactin until they’re 13 years old. Then the girl’s gradually rises. Also the tear glands in men and women are anatomically different… Anyway, I think a man should know when to cry if he wants to get laid. When he cries, he should cry like a man, not like an insecure woman. Tears will get you women’s pity. What follows is love (or at least sex).


2 Responses to “The Differences between men and women.”

  1. bardoflanks Says:

    Well the truth is, feminists can only exist today because of the modern world created by patriarchal male chauvinist pigs. Take that away, and we’ll have Survivor: battle of the sexes.

    • lefroy Says:

      I don’t have a problem with feminists except the ones that teach women to deprive men of sex. I mean the point of cultural liberalism is to make women free their bodies so we can have sex with them.

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