Sittingnut, stop being a Mahinda’s bitch


I thought I should write a less abusive diatribe about Shittingnut once in a while. FUK U ShitNut. Ok, that said, let me begin… Frankly, I fail to see what’s the difference beween the Excreting Nut & Mahinda Abesundara. They both are Mahinda Rajapakse’s bitches. They both are loyal propagandists of his government. Perhaps, the only difference is that the Nut was a true libertarian a long time ago before he sold his soul (or his rectum), whereas Abesundara has always been a Mahinda’s bitch… The ShitNut’s latest article is titled “challenge: name a single real news story that was censored in sri lanka recently” (I’M not going to link to this article since the ShitNut will be excreting here soon after I publish this. Click on his bitchy blog name to visit his site). You don’t have to be Einstein to figure two things here. One, ‘real’ is whatever the Nut says real and everything else is just rumour. Two, the nut was down on his knees while writing this… The Excreting Nut writes “opposition propagandists and terrorist propagandists claim that sri lankans are not informed about what is happening in sri lanka bc news here is censored. imo that is not so. it can be argued, that not a single real news story, that would have passed a good editor in any reputable newspaper in west, was censored here. please prove me wrong if you can.”… Well, I can tell him about the fact that we no longer her about the Nut’s nuts being found in various places in various hospitals due to the circulation issued by the Health Ministry. Or I can tell him about how the story of the water that was supplied to Gampola city and its suburbs during the weeks leading upto the election wasn’t chlorinated never got out. But that’s not the point… The issue never was about how the government ‘properly’ censored real news stories, it was always about how they always attempted to censor real news stories, and the fact that they’re getting better at it (Chinese Experts). The issue was always about, as Libertad once wrote, “paying to get fucked.” The Excreting Nut acknowledges that there are government atttempts at censorship. He writes “does this mean there is no censorship in sri lanka? no. attempts at censorship (mostly ineffective) directed against false anti sri lanka propaganda did and is taking place. government is quite open about that”… I fail to see how suppressing news about Mervyn’s shit helps our national security, but that’s not the major issue here. The major issue is that Sittingnut, instead of choosing to emphasise the fact that the government is attempting at censorship, and is getting better at it, has chosen to emphasise the fact that the government has so far failed to effectively censor real news stories, and uses this fact, the fact that the government hasn’t so far been completely successful at censorship, to write MISLEADING pro-government article. In case he argues the article wasn’t pro-government, look at who has written a positive comment below it; stormcrow… I have no problem with him being pro-government. But I have a problem when he calls himself a libertarian, while being an unprincipled loyal propagandist of the government… He opposes all kimds of censorship, he says. He writes ” i personally do not support any kind of censorship, of news or of propaganda. i believe in countering false propaganda by exposing the propagandists and their real loyalties to the world with evidence.” But this is just to save his ass if someone (like me) calls him a non-libertarian, partisan Mahinda fan. If he really opposes the censorship this government is attempting, is this how he should write? Again the sad thing is, this guy once was a true libertarian, speaking up against the ban on kottu, and the censorship on groundviews. What happened to you ShitNut? Stop being a Mahinda’s bitch.


One Response to “Sittingnut, stop being a Mahinda’s bitch”

  1. lefroy Says:

    The Nut cannot answer. Buwah hah hah.

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