Heart-Slopes (my favourite poem of Rilke)


Out on the heart-slopes. See, how tiny down there,… See, the last village of words, and higher,… But how little still, one last… Farmhouse of feeling. Do you know it?… Out on the heart-slopes. Stone ground… Under the hands. Something still… Grows here: on a dumb ledge,… An unknowing plant blooms, sings out… And the knower? Ah, who began to know… And is silent now, out on the heart-slopes… There fully conscious many a mountain… Creature, sure-footed, lingers,… Passes. And a huge bird securely… Circles the pure peak of denial – But… Insecure, here on the slopes of the heart…


2 Responses to “Heart-Slopes (my favourite poem of Rilke)”

  1. lefroy Says:

    The Excreting Nut continues to stay true to his long family tradition of excreting anywhere and everywhere. He continues to make the same comments, to which I’ve already answered on countless times. Of course, to lose sucks.. By refusing to swear by his mother’s name that he did not lie, he has admitted that he’s a liar. Who wants to believe a liar?

  2. lefroy Says:

    The naked photograph of the Excreting Nut is still available via Kottu.

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