What is a Sittingnut? Take a poll.



6 Responses to “What is a Sittingnut? Take a poll.”

  1. LankaRising Says:

    Lefroy’s Worldview is showing its true color. When you can not face pont to point and logic to logic,, you feel sick,, then you show the world that you are sick !!

  2. No Frames Says:

    Piss poor effort

  3. lefroy Says:

    It seems the Lanka Libertarian a.k.a. the excreting nut, has a great gang of true libertarians.

  4. lefroy Says:

    Link to what? To site that proves you are a mentally retarded freak? http://llibertarian.blogspot.com

  5. supun Says:

    please do not spoil the web doing this type of petty things. Better fly a kite than doing this..

  6. lefroy Says:

    You are a liar. By refusing to swear by your mother’s name that you aren’t lying when you say I censored the comment you made on my post “Sittingnu is not Libertarian”, you have proved that fact… And you continue to excrete here.

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