Study: Sittingnut has directly evolved from dogs, instead from apes.


A study conducted by a reserch group of the Anthropoloy Department of the Harvard University, has scientifically proven that Shittingnut (the Lanka Libertarian blogger) has directly evolved from dogs, instead of from apes… Revealing the groundbreaking findings of this study, Dr. Paula Bambi, the head of the research group, stated that this explains Shittingnut’s irresistible need to excrete anywhere & everywhere. “He is basically a dog. You can’t expect a dog to excrete only in a toilet. It will excrete in a toilet. But it’ll also excrete elsewhere.”… Dr. Bambi went on to say, “we can see this behaviour when he blogs as well. Not only will he make a comment under the relavant post, but he’ll also make that exact same comment elsewhere, where it is anything but relevant. We’ve heard that the creative genius Dr. Thomas Lefroy is trying to solve this problem by sticking a cellular phone inside his rectum. Even though that is medically sound, I believe it’s a violation of animal rights.”… When the author asked Dr. Lefroy about this, he replied “animal rights? What the.. Dude, in this country we have people shot dead by the government. And you talk about animal rights. Besides, I ring the phone from time to time, so he can excrete while it vibrates”.


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