Shittingnut is excreting on my blog.


Shittingnut’s latest lie is that I have censored the comments he made on my attack post. No, I have not. I have only censored 1 comment of his that he made on my “What’s the Holy Grail?” post. His comment was irrelevant there, and also he had made the same comment in the earlier post… Obviously I had chosen the wrong approach. He continues to excrete (make the same comment under every irrelavant post) in my blog. So I’ve decided to do the same; to make the same comment again and again… Also, I’ve as far as I’m concerned, I have proven now he’s more of a partisan Mahinda supporter than a true libertarian. And also I believe I have give honest and sufficient answers to his ridiculous accusation except to his accusation that I’m gay and that I’m the gay lover of Indi. This is because the only way to convince Sittingnut that I’m not is by inserting cell phone into his anus.


2 Responses to “Shittingnut is excreting on my blog.”

  1. lefroy Says:

    Oh Shitty. Can you swear that on your mother’s name? Just wanna know what kind of a sick liar you are.

  2. lefroy Says:

    So you have decided not to sell your mother to me. Honourable, but it proves you’re a liar.

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