Nut 1: Nut hates me… Reply: OK (he has a man crush on me)… Nut 2: Sittingnut says he criticise indi.padashow about his corrupt political connections & unprincipled political stances in his blog using undeniable facts… Reply: Fantastic… Nut 3: As a result I get angry and attack him post after post using lies… Reply: As I said, I think it’s fantastic. Therefore I don’t get angry. But I do attack him because of 2 reasons. One, I think of late he has been more of a ardent fan of Mahinda Buffalo than a true libertarian. Two, it’s just fun. Haven’t lied though… Nut 4: I knew the content of his censored comments he made in and referred to them here on this blog, even though they were never published… Reply: Here’s the link to the birthplace of this ridiculous accusation: It’s always funny to see a guy making a fool out of himself… Nut 5: indi.padashow has applied a different standard to me than to & others that were banned from Kottu for doing the same thing as I do here… Reply: I don’t know whether they did the same things as I do here but anyway it’s not my decision. It’s indi’s. Ask him… Nut 6: All should be unbanned… Reply: Agree (as long as a blogger doesn’t put out personal info of another, because writing in this country is dangerous)… Nut 7: It is an open secret that indi.padashow is gay… Reply: None of my concerns… Nut 8: He asks me to disclose my true relationship to indi, given all above facts… Reply: Excuse me. FACTS you say???… Nut 9: I continue to avoid the issue but continue to attack him in almost every post… Reply: Yes I did play along. As I said, it’s always a pleasure to see a guy make a fool out of himself… Nut 10: Instead of being a hypocritical prude and a bigot, and instead of avoiding the issue, I should come out and write about my sexual identification… Reply: Okay. What do you want me to say? Shall I ask you to take me up your ass?… Nut 11: I have never said anything against indi’s bans & the censorship at groundviews… Reply: True. I believe they have a right to do so (as long as they don’t ban me). But the government doesn’t… Nut 12: I attack him post after post with violent hate whenever he criticise indi in his blog with undesiarable facts… Reply: Oh. I thought I just to it on a regular basis. Nut 13: I lie when I say he has betrayed the libertarian principle… Reply: I haven’t lied. In the months leading up to the presidential election, there’s an suspicious absence of posts against Mahinda Buffalo’s misuse of state power, election violence and so on.


4 Responses to “SittingNUTS”

  1. pandithaya Says:

    yeah my comments no longer appear on the blogs..

    that gay cunt censors my voice..

  2. lefroy Says:

    So please, what have I left out? I’d be glad to reply to them as well.

  3. lefroy Says:

    Yes, you are very good at “I came to bury Caesar. Not to praise him”… You have also “referred” to corruption… As to attacking you out of hate because you ‘expose’ Indi, I’ve made a comment on my next post about this so I’ll say something different here. It’s always great to see a nut make a fool out of himself.

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