Sittingnut is not libertarian


Shittingnut has excreted on several places on my blog so it has become very difficult to reply to everything. I’m tired of trying to convince him that I’m not gay, and that I’m not the gay lover of Indi. It seems the only way to convince him of that fact is by inserting a cellular phone into his anus. So I’m not going to talk about it here… But I must elaborate on the reason why I believe Sittingnut (Lanka Libertarian blogger) is not a true libertarian… Here are the titles of all the posts he made from November to January 26, the election day… litany of saints (November 01, 2009)… difference a few words make! arrested for internet threats or offensive remarks? + sanjan hattotuwa’s silly spin on this (November 02, 2009)… sarath fonseka fantasy of unp and real reasons behind it (November 08, 2009)… sarath fonseka’s biggest political problem (November 13, 2009)… still no explanation or retraction from dinidu de alwis (November 21, 2009)… a scene from ‘children of a lesser god’ (November 22, 2009)… degenerate bloodless shell of unp (December 06, 2009)… ‘rebel without a cause’ screen test of james dean, natalie wood, and sal mineo + corresponding scene from movie (December 08, 2009)… merry christmas to you all! feel it! + christmas movies i watch (December 24, 2009)… 2010 sri lankan holiday calendar (December 30, 2009)… biggest problem facing sri lanka – sms spam (January 02, 2010)… who to vote for? a guide (January 09, 2010)… massive mahinda victory to close election? how sunday leader columnist indi.padashow twisted election projection data (January 13, 2010)… sarath fonseka the man – vicious, vindictive, control freak (January 15, 2010)… election myths – ‘sinhala’ votes will split, ‘tamil’ votes will decide (January 24, 2010)… today the good will unite to defeat the evil, vote and contribute (January 26, 2010)… What does this look like? A blog that belong to a true libertarian, or a blog that belong to the government’s robust propaganda machinery? The harshest attack on Mahinda is in his post titled “biggest problem facing sri lanka – sms spam”, in which he writes “there is no doubt, that mahinda buffalo is blurring the line between his office and candidacy to his advantage”, but then he goes on to justifying it by saying “however every sri lankan election was conducted in the same manner by those in power. is this good? no. but it would be impossible to prosecute anyone due to technicalities. nor is this problem (use of benefits of office to conduct partisan politics) confined to sri lanka.” He will of course claim it’s not a justification. But dear reader, what does it look like?… There is absolutely no article that strongly attack the abuse and misuse of the government machinery, election fraud & violence and so on, written by this so called libertarian during this period. So I believe, he’s not a true libertarian, but rather somebody who liked and believed libertarianism in the past, but now has become a rational, yet non-libertarian fan of Mahinda…


One Response to “Sittingnut is not libertarian”

  1. lefroy Says:

    Again. There’s only one way to solve that gay thing; inserting a cellular phone into his anus… About you being not libertarian. Yes I do remember that corruption/abuse is a byproduct of government thing you had written. I also remember you writing a line or two about human rights while you were writing about appeasing peaceniks. However the fact remains there’s ABSOLUTELY NO article that strongly attack (the way you attack me) the abuse & misuse of the government machinery, and thereby limiting our freedom… So as I said earlier, it seems that partisanship is much more important to you than libertarianism. You haven’t become non-libertarian by writing. But you have become non-libertarian by not writing… Wimal Weerawansha has not become non-communist by saying anything. But he has become non-communist by not saying.

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