This is a response to Sittingnut’s accusation that I don’t say anything against Indi banning blogs (including but not limited to tamilnet.tv) on Kottu, and the censorship on groundviews because either I’m afraid of them, or because I’m connected to them or something… I believe the government has absolutely no right to censor anything on any account. Be it racist, sexist, fundamentalist, or even sympathising terrorists, people should have the right to express themselves. In a democracy, the freedom of expression is a sacred right… But when it comes to media outlets owned by individuals or private entities, I do believe they have a right to censor their own outlet. I do believe both Indi & Groundviews, and also Sittingnut, have right to do whatever they like with their own sites. This is because, unlike the government, they cannot exactly take away our freedom of expression, or even the right for information… But although I think they have the right to censor, I don’t agree with the censorship itself. I assume (since I’ve never visited tamilnet.tv) that the reason for Indi to ban that particular site, was either political or ideological, and not personal. If that’s the case, I believe it’s shameless. I don’t know much about groundviews censorship. But if their censorship is motivated either by politics or ideology, I think it’s shameless… But agree with Indi when he banned “Nibras Bawa” out of Kottu. Those who know ‘Nibras Bawa’ know what he was famous for. I won’t be able to agree with the government if they banned him. But I can agree with Indi… As a principle, I don’t censor any comments made on this blog (other than spams). So far, there haven’t been a Nibras Bawa here… So why haven’t I said anything about Indi banning tamilnet.tv from Kottu up to now? Sittingnut will “FACTUALLY” prove that’s because I’m Indi’s gay partner, but this is the real reason. This blog started on 21 December 2009. I have mainly concentrated on the election, sex, and attacking Sittingnut. Unless there was something as big as the government banning Sirasa TV, there was no way I was going to talk about censorship in detail. Certainly not about petty things such as Indi banning tamilnet.tv on Kottu. Remember, I haven’t yet said anything about the government banning LankaEnews. I only asked Sittingnut what he thought about it…


7 Responses to “Censorship”

  1. lefroy Says:

    The first Nibras Bawa situation here. Had to censor… Of course. That is exactly what Nibras Bawa is famous for. The guy who revealed the name of RD and then got f**ked in the ass.

  2. lefroy Says:

    You have made this same comment on my earlier post. So I’m making the same reply. What have I left out? I’d be glad to reply to them as well.

  3. lefroy Says:

    Your issues with Indi are none of my concerns. Here I’m merely respoding to your accusation that I did’t talk about Indi banning blogs on Kottu, and the censorship in groundviews, either because I’m afraid of them, or because I’m connected to them.

  4. Shitting nuts, i’ll fuck you upside down if you continue to call me a gay cunt. Look here man, being a gay is not a bad thing, no? Why are you so homophobic?

    As for my double standards, Kottu is all mine. I decide, I do. Live with it. Now will you STFU you shitty nutty?

  5. lefroy Says:

    Actually Shitty, I was referring to the hateful language. Your hateful language, makes your comments that attack me, hateful.

  6. indi Says:

    the issue with tamilnet.tv was that it was terrible offensive to both Tamils and gay people. Kottu has a basic standard for obscenity, and having Tamil people called toilet cleaners and being pictured getting sodomized by plungers kinda crosses that line.

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