What does Sittingnut have to say about the government banning LankaEnews?


Seriously, what does a “Libertarian” have to say about this? I really value your libertarian opinion.


5 Responses to “What does Sittingnut have to say about the government banning LankaEnews?”

  1. බ්ලොග් පල්ලා Says:

    Is LeN such an important source? They are bunch of spineless idiots who keeps running a “kala paththare”

  2. lefroy Says:

    Yeah you have been a libertarian shitty. But in the months leading up to the election, you have been an ardent fan of Mahinda who doesn’t say anything against him, which is why I thought you criticising the government for misleading the people, “after the polling ended”, was refreshing.

    • bardoflanks Says:

      I can’t speak for Snut, but many people, including myself, supported Mahinda not because we like everything he does, but because his opponent was the bigger evil.

      LeN is full of shit, but banning it is stupid. Its fanboys will now rely on kata-katha instead. If I were Mahinda, I would use my “leverage” to persuade the editorial staff to moderate their PoV.

  3. lefroy Says:

    I must stress though, I don’t approve censorship, but I do believe they have a right to censor their own site.

  4. lefroy Says:

    Wait. I’ll make another post out of this.

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