SMS Spam – Biggest problem facing Sri Lanka


Sittingnut posted an article with the above title some time ago, in which he mocked those who spoke against SMS Spam. But I think it is the biggest problem we face at the moment. Not the spams themselves, but what they symbolise. They are taking away our freedom… Just minutes ago I received a SMS from the president, thanking me for fulfilling my duty to my motherland. The sender’s number was PRESIDENT. Now, do I have the option of not receiving those SMSes. I don’t. But I don’t really mind. I’m okay with the president spamming me. After all, he’s the president. But the problem is, can I say ‘no’ to anything else? Even if I can say ‘no’ without getting killed, will they ever listen?… The state media is brainwashing the people, every single day and night. What’s worse is that they’re proud about what they’re doing. Goebbels would be proud as well. What can I do about this?… Private media stations that give an alternative are being attacked, threatened and branded as terrorist sympathisers. What can I do about this?… Now we have a gigantic, tyrannical, royal family. Since they are royal, they own the country and its people. And the people are saying “Ayubowan Maharajaneni”. What can I do about this?… Every dissenting voice, every UNPer, every JVPer, is branded as a terrorist, rendering it impossible for them to dissent. What can I do about this?… Movies are being banned, human rights books are being detained in the airport, pages of the constitution has been ripped off. What can I do about this?… Well, people get the government they deserve, because the government is part of the people. And the people don’t mind being called ‘Balugetthas’.


One Response to “SMS Spam – Biggest problem facing Sri Lanka”

  1. lefroy Says:

    What about indi.padashow’s traffic whorish, perverted, gay, racist, ridiculous, hit-man blog?

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