Sinhalese-Buddhism and the length of a woman’s skirt.


You can kill Tamil kids. You can rape female terrorists. You can rig the elections. You can use violence on the opposition. You can arrest anybody. You can murder journalists. You can burn down newspaper offices. You can threaten the opposition leaders. You can screw up the healthcare system. You can screw up the examinations. You can have thugs like Mervyn Silva. You can defame anybody. You can steal public money. You can misuse the state media. You can misuse state property. You can preach ‘Wedi Bana’. You can do anything you like. The Sinhalese-Buddhist won’t care… But if a woman’s skirt doesn’t cover her knee caps, she’s a whore who should be ostracised. If there’s a half-naked woman on a movie, it’s a blue film, which should be banned. If a man is gay, his balls should be crushed. If a woman is a lesbian, she ought to be raped by convicted rapists. If a woman didn’t marry, ……………….. And oh, if you’re an astrologer, you’re dead.


16 Responses to “Sinhalese-Buddhism and the length of a woman’s skirt.”

  1. Chavie Says:

    this post is so true!

  2. bardoflanks Says:

    I’m a Sinhala-Buddhist nationalist. I’m as committed to the cause as anyone could be. Other than “raping female terrorists”, I don’t agree with anything in your list of Ayes.

    As for the Nays, I don’t think that anything is correct, or that most Sinhala-Buddhists think this way.

    I think you’re rebelling against your father’s authority Lefroy.

  3. lefroy Says:

    And why do you so want to make me gay? Admit it Shitty. You have crush on me. Sorry, I’m straight… I don’t post pictures because I don’t want to. Why don’t you ask me why I don’t properly separate sentences?… Should I be specific. Alright, on the rigging the election thing I should be. So I take it out. Everything else is well known. We even had Mervyn on TV… Racist? Not really. I’ve said earlier that I have no beef with the Sinhalese, and also that I don’t have a problem with Buddhism. But I don’t like Sinhalese-Buddhism, which is bigger than either race or religion. It limits a man’s freedom… Tolerent. Hah hah. This is why I say the Lanka Libertarian is not an advocate of Libertarianism, but an ardent fan of Sinhalese-Buddhism. Yes they are tolerent if you compare them to the Muslim Fundamentalists.

  4. lefroy Says:

    Bardo. Rebellin against my father’s authority? Hardly. He was the rebel of his family. I think, right now he has no religion.

  5. Ruki Says:

    But Sinhalese Buddhists created the sigiriya frescoes no? Puritanism was actually a Victorian Christian concept which was brought to Sri Lanka by the colonials. In fact our society was not half as sexually repressed as it is these days prior to the arrival of Europeans.

    You need to be careful about painting entire people with the same brush, it’s as wrong as saying all Tamils are terrorists.

    • lefroy Says:

      Ruki. Ask Nalin de Silva about that, the foremost advocate of Sinhalese-Buddhist Chinthanaya. He wants to all girls to wear “lama saris”… As to painting an entire people with the same brush, no not the entire people, but the ones who “love” this government, which has done, is doing, and will do everything I said.

      • Ruki Says:

        So you regard what Nalin de Silva says as the views of the rest of the population? Sorry, but again that is as dumb as saying that all Tamils share the same views as Prabhakaran.

        Also.. I thought you said you’d be voting for Mahinda ie this government…

      • lefroy Says:

        I did vote for Mahinda. But I never said I love him or his government… About Nalin de Silva. No I don’t think the rest of the Sinhalese-Buddhists believe what he believes. But they’re following him.

  6. koheda yanne. malle pol.

  7. lefroy Says:

    And the only reason people like Nalin de Silva (who is the supreme guide of this government) doesn’t advise Mahinda to get rid of the Sigiri-Boobs, is because they have built their patriotism upon history, so they cannot attack that.

    • Ruki Says:

      Sri Lanka is still far more liberal when it comes to sexual matters than any other South Asian country. If you have been to Maldives/India/Bangladesh you’ll know what I mean.

  8. Sigma Delta Says:

    Sadly true of us Sinhalese I think… we say we are Buddhist, but are intolerant of many things… and yet, will in private indulge ourselves to the hilt! I had a Buddhist priest who wanted to use my home during the month of Vas for his mediation – a monk who sleeps on a mat, who walks in search of alms barefoot, does not touch money, who considers that even the act of sweeping a form of meditation. My neighbors, temple going Buddhist closed their doors when he came looking for alms, questioned his presence, even called the Police one day – their grouse merely that a priest should be in a temple. Sad I thought…

  9. Buddhika Says:

    Politics is different from the culture

    Due to our culture, still Sri lankan culture is not like animal’s culture…

    your jealous with the Sri Lankan culture…

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