Referendum on the formation of independen & soveriegn nation Tamil Eelam


99.2% of the Tamils living in Germany and Holland say ‘yes’ to the Tamil Eelam. The voter turn out has been over 90%… Of course we knew this would be the verdict. I wonder who that 0.8% was… But the question is, is this meaningful at all? So the Tamils want the Tamil Eelam? So what? Are we going to give them that?… Obviously this is done to influence the native europians. But well, even they don’t care about the Tamils anymore… Why don’t we ask for an independent & sovereign nation cut out of Germany? We shall do a referendum there. The Referendum on the formation of independent & sovereign nation Giruwapatthuwa.


4 Responses to “Referendum on the formation of independen & soveriegn nation Tamil Eelam”

  1. bardoflanks Says:

    It’s not what the Tamils want. Tamils can’t simply get everything they want at the expense of others. The diaspora loser fanboys are completely out of reality. Their mandate is only valid for establishing mini Eelams in the countries of their residence. Perhaps they should now ask the governments of Europe and North America to accept their aspirations and relocate the non-Tamils from the chosen land.

  2. Ruki Says:

    Most diaspora Tamils are really upset that the LTTE has been defeated and are doing this to “be relevant.” But I do not see how it is going to help their cause…

  3. Joseph Says:

    Hitler Briefed on the Tamil Referendum
    …quite funny…

  4. N25 Says:

    Only a tiny percent of tamils in those countries even voted–as far as I am concerned, this vote is irrelevant.

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