What the UNP needs to do now?


A relative of mine died on the election day, and I was responsible for it, for I voted for Mahinda (reluctantly), and he won. The funny thing was, she died because happiness. It gave her a cardiac arrest… Ah, it’s good to be in front of a monitor again. So let’s talk about the election. Was it free & air? Of course it wasn’t, but have we ever had a free & fair election before? The answer is no. So since nothing like in Zimbabwe took place, I’m satisfied… What about the results? Now, I guessed Mahinda would win, but I thought the election was close. I thought Mahinda would get 52-53% of the vote, and the swing towards Fonseka would get him at least over 45% of the vote. But it seems that there has been no swing at all. All the districts in the south went 65%, 60% for Mahinda. Fonseka got 40% (instead of 30% like the UNP in the Provincial Council Elections) simply because of the Tamil vote (My father got it right. “Fonseka would only get 40%. Wanna bet?” “No thanks dad”)… Can the UNP win again? I’ll talk about it in the part II of this article.


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