What the UNP needs to do now? – Part IV


Own Buddhism. Repeat, own Buddhism. Own patriotism. Repeat, own patriotism. Right now, Mahinda and the UPFA own both of them. While I think both religion & patriotism are equally worthless and meaningless, I know if you own them, they will get you votes. Take them away from the government. Attack them through attacking the Hela Urumaya. They killed Buddhism. It’s a fact… Now, if you talk about big things like Media Freedom and the 17th Amendment, make sure the ordinary man/woman understand what you whine about. An uneducated village idiot should know why Media Freedom is important. He should know that this freedom belongs to him, not to the Maharaja Mudalali. Connect with the people. See the world through their eyes… People love Mahinda. The word “love” is important here. Unlike Ranil, he connects with the people. So what the UNP needs to do is to get rid of this (sick) love. Character assassination is absolutely compulsory here. You need names. Anarkali. Sangeetha… Say he’s a paedophile… What about Ranil? Should he step down? Yes, Yes and yes. He just doesn’t connect with the people, and also you simply cannot make him patriotic in their eyes. Ranil needs to step down. But he can be used to win the Tamil votes. However, stepping down shouldn’t happen abruptly. The UNP should build another leader… Much of what I said is Machiavellian. True. But think about this. The UPFA has done pretty much everything I ask the UNP to do (the latest is the mud documentary against Fonseka). This is politics, and it’s ugly… (By the way, the main reason for me to vote for Mahinda (other than the HiCorp scandal) is my belief that he’ll offer us some political stability. I hope that’s the case. Don’t want the stock market to crash.


3 Responses to “What the UNP needs to do now? – Part IV”

  1. Ruki Says:

    Tolds you Sinhalese Buddhists rule Sri Lanka…

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