What the UNP needs to do now? – Part III


Attacking is the only away to move forward. You need to talk about corruption, despotism, family bandyism, sexual scandals, you name it. Of course you already do that. But what’s wrong with what you do now is that you don’t connect them with the real problems people are faced with at the moment. That’s what you need to do. For example, the people should be led to believe that the only reason for the high cost of living is the corruption within the government… You need to identify problems. In places like Anuradapura, the cost of living means nothing. They’ve got different issues there. Link despotism with some of them… Now here’s the most important thing to do. Make your party the patriotic party in the eyes of the people. Defend the CFA. Repeat, defend the CFA. Make it patriotic. Convince the people that you did the best you could do at the time. Meanwhile attack the UPFA government for being traitorous. Accuse them of selling the country to the Indians (note: people love the chinese)… No party is eternally patriotic in the eyes of the people. No party is eternally traitorous either. You can make people believe whatever you want them to believe… That’s exactly what the UPFA did. That’s why the people now believe that you betrayed the country. But you should know that if they (UPFA) can do that, you can as well… Wait for part 4


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