What the UNP needs to do now? – Part II


Can the UNP win again? Perhaps. But only after 8 years. Yes. Mahinda will take that extra 1 year (who cares about the constitution anymore?)… Now, here’s what the UNP needs to understand. They need to attack right from the day one. Attack, attack, and Attack… Ranil and the UNP should take this advice seriously. Don’t give the government any credit for anything. Just keep on attacking. Claiming the Presidential Election was rigged was a good start, in fact a great start. Yes of course, I did say that I’m satisfied with how the election was run. But hey, I’m not a politician. I can say anything I like. But you guys can’t… Ranil, it was noble, yet idiotic for you and Hakeem to accept defeat and you’re OK with the election. Listen, YOU DON’T DO THAT IF YOU WANNA WIN. Pronounce that the election was rigged. Declare it wasn’t free and fair (which is correct. So you won’t technically be lying)… Now if you do that house arrest thing, do it right. You guys messed it up. How on earth can you give press conferences if you’re about to be taken into house arrest? But the idea that the government wants to assassinate Fonseka (though illogical) is cool. Keep on repeating that. And try to rally people behind Fonseka against the attempt of the government to arrest him… Wait for the part 3 of this article.


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