Today’s the ELeCtIOn DAy.


Finally it’s the election day. It is the duty of a responsible democratic citizen of a democratic state to go early in the morning to a democratic polling centre and democratise into a democratic ballot box. In doing so, the democratic citizen should be responsible, and should think over and over about what the country needs at the moment. In this case, do we need a democratic black-moustache or a democratic grey moustache… In case you masturbate in the morning as a habit, don’t do it because it melts your brain. That is if you’re a man. But if you’re a woman, do finger yourself. It sharpens your mind… Consensual sex with a partner is okay but don’t do it because nobody likes a sex maniac with a post-coital look… If you can, drink some coffee instead of tea. It’ll help you to think clear as a responsible democratic citizen… You can wear anything today unless you don’t want to get raped and then murdered by the ‘Nil Balakaya’. So please don’t wear anything red or green… Make sure you pee before you leave your house to excercise your franchise. Those voting queues can sometimes be very long… You can vote for 3 guys here. I think you already know how to… Now if you feel like not going to vote today, or if you feel like you’ll vote in the afternoon, don’t worry, your vote will be cast by some guy else.


2 Responses to “Today’s the ELeCtIOn DAy.”

  1. Chavie Says:

    hahaha loved it! 😀

  2. Ruki Says:

    Sinhalese Buddhists win – again 🙂

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