Party Loyalty


My brother-in-law asked me what’s the reason behind me being a UNPer, especially since my maternal grandfather is a prominent SLFPer. This would’ve been a difficult question for me to answer if I hadn’t written an article titled “My Vote” last week. So I answered, I’m not a UNPer, but generally lean towards it, mainly because I hate the Sinhalese-Buddhist, nationalist craziness of the other party… But his question got me thinking. From where does this party loyalty come from? I’m not talking about just consistently voting for the same party. I’m talking about the willingness of the blue-bloods & green-bloods to die for their parties. I’ve thought about this from time to time, but never given a serious thought to it… There are martyrs, people who die for something they believe in, people who believe there are things worth dying… There are (crazy) religious martyrs, for whom I have no respect at all. Only idiotic nuts die for something as worthless as religion… There are Che Guevera kind of political martyrs. These people are willing to die to make the world a better place (for you and for me and the entire human race). I have a great respect for those people. They’re the one’s who move the world forward. That’s why I respect what the JVP did in 71 and again in 88/89, although I have issues with their ridiculous ideology… There are science martyrs, people like Copernicus, who fought for a scientific truth against an ignorant church. I love those guys… I understand why a man or a woman would want to be a martyr. I don’t agree with the idea of someone dying for his/her religion, but I understand why someone want would to do it. They firmly believe in something… But what about the blue-bloods? What about the green-bloods? They die for their political parties, but are they martyrs? Now if there’s a Coup’d Mahinda, or a Coup’d Sarath, there will be green-blood or blue-blood martyrs. But otherwise, there’s not much difference between the two main parties, is there? I mean, half of the UNP (Keheliya, Moragoda, Samarasinghe, Pieris, Johnston etc) are now in the UPFA. They say UNP is the market friendly party. But look at the stock market… So why do they sacrifice? I don’t know, but I think it’s simply because belief is always blind. Look at a religious martyr. Most of them don’t even know the essence of their own worthless religion. Similarly, how many green-bloods know what does an open economy means? How many blue-bloods understand making fly-overs here and there doesn’t get us anywhere?… Parents brainwash their children. They brainwash them with religion, they brainwash them with politics. I asked a 6 year old child of a UPFA supporter about Sarath Fonseka. He replied “oka pal hora”. The kid will die young.


2 Responses to “Party Loyalty”

  1. Ruki Says:

    But SF is a pal hora though 🙂

  2. maf Says:

    good post – so how do you break the cycle? cerno wrote about the same issue with a different slant ie we are a feudal democracy or as I call it a parochial colony..

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