This Election. Don’t talk about it as if you know.


Because the truth is, nobody knows a thing… The people who write those “Scientific Analyses” are just as ignorant as the rest of us are. How can they know? This ain’t America. Here, opinion polls mean nothing… Any sensible Fonseka supporter (sensible SF supporter = a SF supporter who doesn’t want to see his wife and daughter get raped by the ‘Nil Balakaya’, and finally get himself killed) wouldn’t say a thing to a pollster… Also, we really don’t know a thing about the rural areas. They seem to be still loyal to Mahinda. But there are people in Laggala who live only because they have to. The thing there is that, there’s not enough food to feed all those people. Because of the deforestation problem, the government doesn’t let anyone start ‘Hen Govithena’… We don’t know a thing about the Colombo district either. Most of the Sinhalese-Buddhist-Patriotic-Freaks live here. They’ll definitely go MR (coz they’re obviously Mentally Retarded). Who knows, perhaps Colombo will go Mahinda… About the Tamil voters in Kilinochchi. Oh just shut up. Even a tamil guy living there don’t know to whom the rest of them are going to vote for, I think… The point I’m trying to make is, don’t waste your time trying to make predictions. This isn’t 2005. There’s simply not enough data. So take a vaction from tomorrow (Monday) to next Sunday. Invite your friends to your house. And yeah, some Mathata thitha and some nuts to eat. Enjoy this great spectacle of democracy. Have some (consensual) sex with your neighbour. And please don’t shoot yourself once your guy lose the election…(BTW, if you’re going to bet, here’s a free advice. Go Mahinda. Ha ha. We’ve got a machine to make ID cards. Ha ha)


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