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I’m anti-sinhalese-buddhist, and have made no attempt to hide that fact. I have no beef with the Sinhalese people. Neither do I have problem with Buddhism (other than the problems I have with every other religion). But I hate Sinhalese-Buddhism, this idea of merging race and religion and making it something much bigger than either race or religion. Sinhalese-Buddhism is something oppressive. Something against individual freedom, to read, to write, to watch, to touch, to f**k… So I generally lean towards the UNP, the less Sinhalese-Buddhist political party of the two main ones. I don’t think this is how your usual Sinhalese-hardcore-UNPer thinks about his party. They’re proud to be Sinhalese- Buddhists, I think… I have stated in my earlier posts, and in comments I’ve made in other blogs, that I’m a Liberal Democrat except on the Tamil Terrorist issue. My grudge against the Tigers, and all other Eelam lovers, is personal. So I wanted them killed, to be vanquished. I know for a fact that I’m no patriot though… I love the Mahinda Administration for what they did with the tigers. I also think they did quite a good job with the economy. But I wanted them out as soon as the war ended. Not only because I hate the corruption, despotism, nepotism, tyranny, family bandyism blah blah blah, but also because of their Sinhalese-Buddhist bullshit, their belief that they have a sacred right to f**k us all in our anuses… UNP couldn’t win. They’ve masturbated their brains out. But along came Fonseka. Someone with a slight chance to win. Someone I thought wasn’t anti-Sinhalese-Buddhist, but certainly not pro-Sinhalese-Buddhist either. Maybe pro-Sinhalese. Maybe Sinhala supremacist. But certainly not pro-Sinhalese-Buddhist… I also thought he was uncorrupted. I’m an optimist. I wanted to believe. I had a blind faith on him. So I defended him whenever someone accused him of corruption. I was a fool. He was corrupt. I was f**ked, and pissed off… I decided to vote for Mahinda. I would ridiculd him and Wimal and Patali. But I’d still vote for him. I must say, I have a great respect for this man. Corruption and Sinhalese-Buddhist bullshit aside, he’s a remarkable leader. Perhaps the greatest we’ve ever had. And yes, he was the key to win the war, not Fonseka… But then, now there’s this photograph, suggesting that he’s corrupt to a level that I never imagined. I remember the faces of the SLFP people of our family when they first came to know this. Utter shock. Then started the justification. Bullshit… Who am I going to vote for? Still leaning towards MR. Yeah. Fonseka pissed me off that much. Not to mention his donkey gaffes. Bloody gaffe machine. But I dislike MR more than I disliked him a week ago.


12 Responses to “My Vote”

  1. bardoflanks Says:

    Coherent, intelligent writing after a while. I think the important question is, of what consequence is this photograph? What does it, if anything, prove?

    You have a dodgy photo of Namal with a vaguely Tamil looking fellow (who may or may not be Emil Kanthan) on one side. On the other side you have the overwhelming reality that Mahinda and his administration completely destroyed the LTTE, said fuck off to Miliband and the EU, murdered Prabhakaran, captured KP, and even took over Emil Kanthan’s assets.

    I don’t think this Emil Kanthan fellow is an LTTE member at all. Circumstantial evidence suggests that he’s a Tamil businessman who had a falling out with the Rajapakse family, and the government used his LTTE links (all Tamil businessmen have LTTE links, don’t kid yourself) as an excuse to take revenge by taking over his land and other properties in Sri Lanka.

    • bardoflanks Says:

      That last bit was mere speculation. It was initially difficult for me to find anything interesting about Emil Kanthan apart from anti-Namal mud.

      I think there has to be a rational explanation. If Mahinda had not won the war, I’d be inclined to believe that something dodgy is going on. I’m not a died in the wool SLFP supporter by any stretch of the imagination, and don’t have much loyalty to the Rajapakses.

      It appears that Emil Kanthan is in fact an LTTE member. He had been linked to the Tiran Alles (one of Mangala’s major supporters) investigation.

      Even if the Rajapakses had relations with Emil Kanthan, and that’s a big even, it doesn’t change anything considering that he made Karuna a minister and Pillayan a PCM.

      • bardoflanks Says:

        Also, Namal looks quite young in that photograph, so it would have been taken while he was studying. They just look like a bunch of typical clueless Sri Lankan youths, apart from that bald guy. Namal does not appear to know him, and is certainly not hugging him. It looks like someone he’s randomly met at a party.

        This is as bad as that photo of Namal dancing with some old lady at a wedding or something with captions saying Namal is with a prostitute. W3lanka deleted that photo after comments.

        Is there any other evidence to link Emil Kanthan to Namal apart from this old photo? Surely if they were such good buddies there should be more than this.

  2. lefroy Says:

    There’s no evidence apart from this photograph to link Namal to Emil Kanthan. That’s the only plus for Namal here though… Namal doesn’t deny the authenticity of the photograph. I think even Johnston said so in public (not that I give a F about what he says. This is a guy who wanted to assassinate the president)… I just think this is suspicious. Replace Namal with SF’s younger daughter. What would you think?… The fact that Namal looks quite young is disadvantageous for MR. Because that means the war was still going, and Kanthan was still powerful… Emil Kanthan made headlines 2 years ago. You must have at least heard the name… True. Namal may not have known him.

  3. lefroy Says:

    When things change my vote changes. What happens to yours?

  4. Ruki Says:

    Thanks for the write up. For more such information check out the following website: I think Fonseka is going to lose to Mahinda. Both of them are Sinhala Buddhists and I appreciate that, and and will hold the reigns of power in their respective parties. Fonseka may have to give up his powers to another Sinhala Buddhist – Ranil Wickremasinghe. There is no getting away from Sinhala Buddhists πŸ™‚ Cos we rule.

  5. Ruki Says:

    Na, Ranil’s Sinhalese Buddhist…he’s Sinhalese and he’s also Buddhist. He even wrote a book about the State and Buddhism, you should read it if you can, should be able to buy it at Vijitha Yapa. You’ll see πŸ™‚ Like I said, Sinhalese Buddhists rule this country, and will continue to do so. And it’s just tough that you don’t like em. Both Sarath and Mahinda started their campaigns at Buddhist temples, and ended their campaigns at Buddhist temples – like Ranil did a while back.

  6. lefroy Says:

    Ruki. You don’t understand what I mean by Sinhalese-Buddhist. I know he’s sinhalese. I know he’s buddhist. But there’s a difference between Ranil Wickramasinghe and Nalin de Silva.

  7. Ruki Says:

    I read your reasoning and it is really dumb, sorry. Being anti Sinhala-Buddhist is just stupid, because you are being against an entire people and that would make you a bigot. A person who is Sinhalese and follows the Buddhist religion is automatically a Sinhalese Buddhist. A person who is Tamil and follows the Hindu religion is automatically a Tamil Hindu. A person who is Sinhalese and follows Christianity is a Sinhalese Christian. It’s just retarded to say you are anti-Sinhalese Buddhist, unless of course you really are against all the Sinhalese people who follow the Buddhist faith. Mahinda, Ranil, Mangala, Sarath, Chandrika are all Sinhala Buddhist.

    It would make sense if you said “I am against Sinhala Buddhist nationalists” or “I am against Sinhala Buddhist nationalism.” In that case, Ranil might not be a Sinhala Buddhist nationalist on par with say, Sarath or Mahinda.

    That’s my reasoning anyhow πŸ™‚

    • lefroy Says:

      I did think about the word ‘nationalist’ but felt it was too narrow to express what I mean here. So I used Sinhalese-Buddhist…

  8. Ruki Says:

    Sinhala Buddhist is waaay too broad in my opinion. lol. Maybe Sinhala Buddhist extremist? πŸ™‚

  9. kevin Says:

    what a idiot. lol.

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