American Pie : The Book of Love.


Remember how funny the first three American Pie movies. Not everybody liked them. They were sex comedies. But those who liked them really liked them, because they were truly funny. Especially the first 2 movies… After that we had spin-offs like Beta House and Naked Run. They sucked big time. Really, you have tickle yourself to laugh while watching Naked Run. There was a lot of sex. But not much fun… Now they’ve come up with Book of Love. I think it’s better than the other spin-offs. But not as nearly as funny as the first 3 movies… The script is bland. Just bland. These writers are out of ideas. They keep repeating famous scenes from the first 3 movies and they have somehow found a way to make those amazingly funny scenes into amazingly unfunny scenes. Terrible writing… Characters are unmemorable. How memorable Finch and Stifler and Apple Pie F**king guys were. These characters are just inherently unfunny. The guy who acts Stifler is no Stifler at all. He’s a moron… And I really missed Stifler’s Mom.


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