“Sinhalese Buddhist Patriots. Rape 28strawberry girl” – Patali Champika Ranwaka.


“This woman-blogger, in her blog titled 28strawberrygirl’s blog, has been openly talking about sex. How unashamed this woman can be? The title of her latest post is ‘open minded = spread legs’. See how vulger that is. In it she writes about how she had a one night stand with a random non-sinhalese-buddhist man. Is this what they call free speech? My sinhales-buddhist ASS”…. MP Ranawaka went on to say “this woman is a part of the western, judeo-christian, imperialistic conspiracy to culturally enslave us all. For them, democracy is the right to have sex with anybody and everybody and say everything obscene to anybody and everybody. How can we keep our eyes shut to this catastrophe? How can we watch and do nothing while they rape our great sinhales buddhist culture? All patriots, this is the time to act. I demand you all to find this whore 28strawberrygirl and strip off her clothes in public and patriotically rape her in a true Sinhalese Buddhist style. We shall not stand those strawberry, pussy-shaven, pierced-nippled, colombo hookers.”


7 Responses to ““Sinhalese Buddhist Patriots. Rape 28strawberry girl” – Patali Champika Ranwaka.”

  1. ha ha – this is so funny! Glad I was your inspiration for today 🙂

  2. bardoflanks Says:

    You sound quite sexually frustrated Lefroy. First your penis, then Snut’s rectum and now this.

    Champika couldn’t give a shit about who 28strawberry fucks or does not fuck.

  3. lefroy Says:

    Why does indi samarajeewa keep you on kottu shittynutty? The reason is even more obvious.

  4. Azrael.words Says:

    You sad git.

    28strawberry girl may not take offence but I do. By my standards though obviously not Indi’s – you’d have been booted off Kottu by now.

  5. lefroy Says:

    Of course shitty. Otherwise how come you have a crush on me?

  6. Whacko Says:

    the plot thickens, but no one cares:p

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