“I shall cure lesbians” – Mahinda Rajapakse


“Lesbianism is a violation against nature. It is immoral and profane. I will do my best to wipe off lesbianism from this country once I get elected as president for the second time” pledged the president Mahinda Rajapakse in rally held in Angunukolapelessa today. “My countrymen. Do you know why lesbians are lesbians? It is because they don’t know what the real thing is. I mean, how can a woman penetrate another? All they can do is licking and sucking and fondling and cuddling and fingering? Is that even sex? Ha ha ha. What’s wrong with them? Aren’t there enough dangling human beings? Ha ha ha. We’re going to cure this lesbian disease once and forever. Here’s how we’re going to do it. Actually the credit should go to the chairman of the Press Council. Give him a big applause. Ha ha ha. Alright, here’s how we’re going to do it. We’re going to let convicted rapists to rape those fingering females. Ha ha ha. That way, ha ha, they will the difference between a finger and a penis. They will never waste their time on fingering each other from thereon. Ha ha ha. And by the way, maybe we can make Sarath Fonseka and R. Duminda Silva do some work for us. Ha ha. Bloody rapists. Ha ha ha. My friends, brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers and sons and daughters, let us protect our sinhalese buddhist culture.”


4 Responses to ““I shall cure lesbians” – Mahinda Rajapakse”

  1. lefroy Says:

    Man you seriously need to get laid. You literally don’t sleep, do you?

  2. Suranga Says:

    Adoh Lefroy aka Indi Padashow, please expose me Adoh. I am Suranga Fernando aka Shittingnuts without my butts

    • Sonnyboy Says:

      Adoh don’t insult GOD of NUTS Shittingnuts aka Suranga Rajapakse who f**ked Lefroy aka Indi Samarajeewa aka Padashow’s *girlfriend* Subha Wijesiriwardena aka Electra. Nutty Stinker also f**ked ex slut wives of Pona Sir Riza Jalaeel L.L.D. aka Rhythmic Diaspora & Pona Rev. David Blacker aka Nibras Bawa.

  3. Damned Says:

    This story has some truth to it.

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