“We’re not going kade. We’re unbiased” – Swarnawahini


“There are allegations made by certain alligators that the yesterday’s news telecast of ours was as biased as shit. We vehemently deny those allegations” said the programme director of Swarnawahini, Buddhika Rambukwella. “All Sri Lankans know that we are unbiased and especially, unafraid. Look at the yesterday’s news programme. We allocated 5 minutes for Muzzamil’s accusation that the SF camp tried to bribe him. Then we allocated 30 seconds for the UNP to deny the accusation. Who in their right mind can say that’s unfair.”….Mr. Rambukwella went on to say “it’s true that we didn’t show MP Anura Kumara Disanayaka’s photograph of (censored) Rajapakse and Emil Kanthan in which they’re posing as if they’re best buddies ever. But well, that’s hah hah hah ha ha ha a a a a a”


One Response to ““We’re not going kade. We’re unbiased” – Swarnawahini”

  1. bardoflanks Says:

    Muzammil has rock solid proof. Captain Upul Illamgamge has undeniable documentary evidence.

    What do the Hansayas have to prove their claims of corruption? 500 millions to build this, 5 billions from that, Aston Martin there, private helicopters here blah blah.

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