“There’s no cellphone. My rectum is clear” – Shittingnut


“I vehemently deny the rumour that Lefroy a.k.a. indi.padashow stuck a cellphone in my rectum” said Shittingnut (the Lanka Libertarian blogger) in a press conference held just minutes after MP Wimal Weerawansha’s non-mud slinging conference ended, which was held on the same location. “It is I who stuck a Mp3 player up his traffic whoring asshole. Now he distorts that fact and claims he stuck a cellphone up my ass. I challenge him to factually prove his claim. I can factually prove that he’s lying. I mean, how come I otherwise still doing my job? My rectum is clear, just as clear as Bandula Gunawardana’s nostrils.”…. “Yep. The rumour is true. I did stuck a cellphone up his non-libertarian asshole” replied Lefroy when asked about it. “I can factually prove it too like I factually proved that his nuts are peanuts. Here, take my phone. Now dial this number. See whether something vibrates.”


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