The strategy to win presidency.


Who will decide the next president? Definitely not the Lanka Tamil votes, because they aren’t going to vote. We’ve just defeated them and taken away the Eelam. Yeah, yeah you can be politically correct and say we only vanquished the Tamil Tigers and that Tamils never wanted a separate country. But I don’t have time for tha bullshit. Right now, it is as if we’ve castrated Tamil men and raped their women and girls and ass-f**ked the little boys. There’s no way they’re going to vote for us. I’m quite sure that only 40, 50% of TNA votes will be cast…The upcountry Tamil votes will be there as ever but they’ll be split right in the middle for the two main candidates. I’m not sure though. Usually these (poor, illiterate) people want to stay close to the UNP. If this election is like those before the 4th Eelam war, SF will have a little advantage there… Sinhalese are going to go Mahinda. I’m quite sure about this. The urban areas and traditionally UNP areas like Kandy and Badulla districts will perhaps go SF. But rural sinhalese “LOVE” Mahina. Districts like Matale will overwhelmingly go Mahinda… Anyone who wants to be the president, should concentrate on the Sinhalese vote. So do the Sinhalese people care about the 13th Amendment? Tamil rights? Hell no. Both candidates would do well not to even mention the 13th (Talk about my blog instead)…Do they care about the 17th Amendment. Yes I think so. At least the more learnt people among them. Mahinda cannot say he’ll reactivate it. So he must promise something similar. They’re doing it even now. But they should repeat it again and again. Fonseka on the other hand can say whatever he likes, so must say again and again that he will reactivate the 17th Amendment and restore democracy…Mahinda doesn’t need the Tamil vote to win the election. He cannot get them anyway. I mean, they’re after his blood. So he must run an ultra sinhalese buddhist campaign. They shouldn’t and couldn’t promise anything to the Tamils…But Fonseka do need the Tamil votes. He also needs the Sinhalese votes. So here’s what he shall do. He should be vague about everything he says related to Tamils. Right now, the thing that really matter for the Sinhalese is corruption. Fonseka must say he’ll end corruption, and be vague about everything else (including about private universities). Then, he should be vague with Tamils. Lanka Tamils won’t be fooled, but will still vote SF. Upcountry Tamils, being illiterate ignorants, will be fooled just like in every other election prior to this.


One Response to “The strategy to win presidency.”

  1. Harsha Says:

    what a diatribe

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