“Sarath Fonseka the man – vicious, vindictive, control freak” – Lanka Libertarian


“Sarath Fonseka is a vicious, vindictive, control freak, who will make a ruthless, undemocratic dictator if he gets elected” says Shitting nut (the Lanka Libertarian blogger) in his latest blog…”My Roman Catholic god knows that I’ve always been fair, balance and unafraid. That’s why sometime ago I said Mahinda Rajapakse was a buffalo. I still stand by my claim. Buffalos are usually stupid. If Mahinda is a corrupt despot, that’s because he’s stupid. If his supporters kill old women, that’s because he’s stupid, not because he’s a vicious, vindictive control freak. You can blame and punish evil. But you can’t blame and punish stupidity. So people. Go and vote for Mahinda. Take my unbiased, unpatriotic, un-chauvinist, un-puritan, un-homophobic, un-anti-abortionist, un-racist, non-libertarian advice on this. Don’t listen to whatever the traffic whore Lefroy has to say about it.”


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