“I just needed to pee” – Prof. Nalin De Silva


“I just badly needed to pee” replied Prof. Nalin de Silva when asked about him continuously tapping the floor towards the end of the “Sanvada” tv programme telecast yesterday night on Jathika Rupavahiniya…”Judeo-Christian-colonial-anchors say that I kept tapping the floor yesterday evening because being a racist nationalist, I was so angry about what those racist Tamils and Christian imperialists are doing to this innocent Sinhalese Buddhist nation. This isn’t entirely true. I do hate what’s happening. There is an evil international conspiracy to eat our penises like those beef eating Christians eat sausages. But I kept tapping the floor yesterday simply because I needed to pee… I love to pee on our great Sinhalese Buddhist soil. Urine is a fantastic fertiliser. I ask all patriotic Sinhalese Buddhists to pee outdoors. Don’t use toilets and those flushing commodes. They’re invented by Judeo-Christian colonialists to screw great countries like ours. So again I ask you all to pee outdoors, like me.”


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