“Enemies of our SinHaLese BudDhist nation. Beware.” – Karuna Amman


“Dear teachers and my friends. There are a lot of unpatriotic, terrorist enemies of this great Sinhalese Buddhist Nation. It has been brought to my patriotic attention. So we (me & Pilleyaaaan) have decided to unfearfully fight those terrorist, judo christian, colonial agents of George Bush. There are many people we aim to take care of…

For security reasons, at this particular junction of political history, we cannot reveal the list of the people we intend to take care of. But at this moment, as an example for what is coming, I will expose one name…Dr. RANGA MIGARA WEERAKKODY. This blogger, masquerading as a true Sinhalese Buddhist patriot, has hoodwinked all the true Sinhalese Buddhist patriots except me and Pilleyan (Pilley didn’t know until I told him though). Ranga Migara’s two blogs, Panhinda Samaga, Jathika Chinthana Pravahaya, are totally shitting nutty blogs created to undermine the efforts of true patriotic Sinhalese Buddhist to save and protect and culture of this country in an unprecedented ideological way. That doesn’t sit well with us…

So the P face of Dr. RANGA MIGARA WEERAKKODY will be taken care of as soon as possible.


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