“Democracy is in peril” – Dr. Mervyn Silva


“People of this country. Don’t you see who this traitor Fonseka is? He’ll make a terrible, undemocratic dictator. Let me remind you that this guy threatened to remove my balls. He couldn’t have succeeded. But it shows what kind of a man he is. He’s a dictator. Elect him, and democracy will die…. It brings tears to my eyes when I think about Lankadipa female journalist Dayaseeli Liyanage. How can a human being do that to another human being? Is this the freedom of speech Ranil talks about? My friends. Fonny will end democracy… Don’t you see what’s happening in Kelaniya, Kiribatgoda area? Everday, Fonseka supporters attack us innocent “Sandanians” in broad daylight? Is this democracy?… Now they talk about a minor incident that took place last night. Earlier they talked about some old hag dying in Thangalle. These thugs, who inserted barbed wires into men’s asses, who raped women with bottles, who made son’s copulate with their mothers, who made little girls suck dog cocks, accuse us of thuggery. Ane ammapa munge ammalata (censored)…”


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