“My balls aren’t peanuts, and my penis isn’t a sausage”, assures Sittingnut (the unpatriotic Lanka Libertarian blogger)


Here’s the full statement made by Sittingnut (Lanka Libertarian) at a press conference held yesterday in the belly button of Mangala Samaraweera…..It has been brought to my attention that several people including Indi.Padashow, Lefroy (factually proven to be Indi’s gay partner), Ranil Wickramasinghe and Sherman de Rose are spreading countless lies about me as if I’m a Shitting “non-libertarian” nut. Since I do not have the time, nor the desire, to prove each and every lie is untrue, I will stick to the most f**king hurting of them…They (especially Lefroy) have claimed that I’m an eunuch who has fixed two peanuts between my legs since I do not have “real balls.” This is a downright lie. I do have two very unpatriotic, homophobic, non-libertarian, Roman Catholic (almost), oval-shaped nuts. Since I’m always factual, I’ve decided to let anybody touch and check them. Rs 100 per one balls. For Indi. Padashow it’s free of charge…Lefroy has also claimed that I have a Keels sausage for a penis. This is entirely untrue. I can factually prove that my penis isn’t a Keels sausage. It’s a Supremo sausage, which is much tastier than Keels…Lefroy says I’m homophobic. I challenge him to factually prove it. The reason he accuses me of homophobia is because I factually proved he’s a closet homosexual and that he’s the gay lover of Indi.Padashow. I factually proved that there was no other way L(r)efroy could’ve read a censored comment I made on his son-of-a-corrupt-poltical-apointee-gay-loverboy Indi padashow’s blog. Is that homophobic? I only ask this traffic whore, green blooded Lefroy-f**k to come out of the closet and disclose his gay relationship with padashow. If Lefroy factually proves that I’m a homophobe, I will donate my peanuts to Kajugama village…Lefroy also claims that I’m a non-libertarian. I ask him to factually prove how I’m non-libertarian. F**k. I don’t want nude beaches. I don’t want homosexuality made legal. I don’t care if tiny little actress whores like Upeksha Swarnamalee get fired simply because of her political convictions. I don’t care if thugs took away her mother’s ID. I don’t care if CID questioned her. I don’t care if President invade our personal space by sending us unsolicited SMS. But other than that, I’m a true Lanka Libertarian


One Response to ““My balls aren’t peanuts, and my penis isn’t a sausage”, assures Sittingnut (the unpatriotic Lanka Libertarian blogger)”

  1. lefroy Says:

    Someone’s seriously pissed off. Buwah hah hah.

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