“Lefroy is a true patriot”, says Wimal Weerawansha


“Lefroy is a true patriot. His decision to screw Fonseka sideways and vote for the great, patriotic president Mahinda Rajapakse is warmly welcomed by all the other patriots in our sinhalese buddhist nation who want to screw Fonseka sideways” briefed the leader of JNP Wimal Weerawansha with a patriotic smile on his face (sponsored by the patriotic toothpaste company, Clogard)…”Lefroy has always been a vigilant voice against unpatriotic, unscrupulous, unchauvinist, Roman Catholic, non-libertarians like Shittingnut. His decision to vote for Mahinda is a patriotic decision taken at a crucial moment in the history of our great nation. We are so jubilant of the fact that a staunch liberal like Lefroy has finally come to appreciate our great Sinhalese Buddhist culture of patriotically spending public money to promote one presidential candidate and patriotically harrassing all the dissenting traitors of the nation” stated MP Weerawansha further.


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