“Lefroy has betrayed me of sleep” says Sittingnut (Lanka Libertarian blogger).


“Lefroy, you bloody traffic whore. Let me at least sleep” said Sittingnut in a press conference held today in Mangala Samaraweera’s belly button. “This LeFruck. He pisses me off. He fries my nuts. Last night, damn, I’ve been awake all night. So I made 5, 6 comments from 1.44 a.m. to 2.11 a.m. Then I waited for him to respond. That bloody traffic whore. He was sleeping like a chinese dragon. So I made another few rude comments after 5 a.m. This gay lover of indi.padashow. I will kill him with my factual peanuts.”…Sittingnut refused to comment on Lefroy’s claim that he (s.nut) isn’t a libertarian.


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