Sittingnut (Lanka Libertarian blogger) is homophobic


Sittingnut, the unpatriotic, un-chauvinist, un-anti-abortion, un-puritan, un-sinhalese buddhist has revealed himself to be a homophobe. Commenting on my earlier post about him, he accused me of being the gay partner of Indi Samarajeewa ( ) and demanded me to come out of my closet (libertarian’s asshole???)…He has shown himself to be a conservative. Responding to my post in which I pledged that I will make the Bambalapitiya beach a nude beach and that I would legalise incest, bestiality, homosexuality, polygamy et cetera, he called me a whore, then later amended it as traffic whore…So if he wants to take away other people’s liberty like this, how can he call himself a libertarian?


4 Responses to “Sittingnut (Lanka Libertarian blogger) is homophobic”

  1. Suresh Says:

    Why bother wasting your time on a bigoted, racist, GOSL ass kisser like StingingNuts in the first place??

  2. lefroy Says:

    You are homophobic. That’s why you called me gay (even though I’m not), and mocked me for being gay. Hah. ..Factual???yeah sure. You had sex with me. So you know I’m gay. Hah. Yeah that’s factual. There’s no other way you can call me gay.

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