I will vote for Mahinda


Fonseka is a corrupt, power-hungry, egoistical, unscrupulous, bad-mouthed, liar. I’ve been fooled by this guy. I’ve been naive in believing in this man. I’ve been idiotic in believing he will end corruption, upheld democracy. F**K. This is humiliating. But truth is truth. There’s no difference between him and Mahinda. Damn. But at least Mahinda will give us some political stability (and fake love). Damn. Damn damn damn. Shit shit shit. I thought Gotabhaya is a bad-tempered man. He’s a saint when compared to Fonseka. Upul Illagamge(?) will be killed within a day if he gets elected. Damn…(but Sittingnut. You are still an unpatriotic, un-sinhalese-buddhist, un-anti-abortionist, un-chauvinist, un-puritan, non-libertarian, ultra-roman-catholic, racist, homophobic shitting nut in love with Indi Samarajeewa.)


4 Responses to “I will vote for Mahinda”

  1. Bardo Says:

    I believe it’s Upul Ilangamage/Ilangamge (his American spelling).



    You must be rather fickle minded to change your preference over this. This information has been available to the public for weeks.

    • lefroy Says:

      I contacted someone in the UNP.

    • stormcrow Says:

      this kid will still go and vote SF. It’s just that he lost the bet he thought would have good odds for him. That’s why he asked for B&W proof up the the very document scan and ignore all the obvious contradictions of SF campaign, while “ask the people’s bank” is solid enough “B&W proof” for him against MR.

      I wrote what I wrote just to set it into the record how the lad gets pwned himself. With the dishonesty shown this far, what is there to prevent him from voting SF?

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