Lefroy’s List of Biggest Traitors of SL


1) General (retired) Sarath Fonseka…2) Opposition Leader (forevermore) Ranil Wickramsinghe…3) Mangala “openly gay” Samarasinghe…4) Vellupillei “motherf***ing” Prabakaran…5) Thamil “Barber” Chelvam…6) Anton “Baas” Balasingham…7) Mano “swimming pool” Ganeshan…8) Rauf “philandering” Hakeem…9) Pakyasorti (not only for fighting for so called human rights, but also for having an obscene name)…10) K.D. Lal Kantha (for having a name like that of a hardware shop).


4 Responses to “Lefroy’s List of Biggest Traitors of SL”

  1. Bardo Says:

    The first 3 and the last one perhaps. But the rest are enemies, not traitors. It’s an important distinction.

  2. Suresh Says:

    StingingNuts – you always have been, you still are and will always be a pathetic loser who hides behind a computer screen and insults others. Isn’t it about time you got hit by a bus or something?

  3. Chinth Says:

    hey.. not quite agreeing on this mate.. seriously

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