Hicorp website down. Hacked? Blocked?


http://www.hicorp.us website has been down for over two days now. So is it really hacked?…Also I couldn’t find the documents shown in Rivira that claimed to prove that Danuna Tilakaratne is the president of Oklahoma based company Hicorp International Inc. Their source was http://sos.state.ok.us/ Could someone give me an exact link to those documents?…I googled for this hicorp.us site and it seems this site isn’t even indexed there. All google was able to produce was a “contact us” page which doesn’t work…Please can someone tell me what’s going on? Because if someone can prove that this Danuna Tilakaratne is indeed the “president” of the Hicorp International Inc and SF has given a tender to the said company, I won’t be voting for him. On the other hand, if the hicorp.us site has been hacked or blocked to sling some more mud at SF, I’ll never vote any Rajapakse again.


53 Responses to “Hicorp website down. Hacked? Blocked?”

  1. stormcrow Says:

    few facts:

    One can use an anonymous web proxy to see if a site is down or just blocked in Sri Lanka. Unless MR government has recently bought over US government or all web proxies, hicorp.us seems to be DOWN, not BLOCKED.

    Once the admins know that a site is hacked, they can usually take corrective action within hours. JVP knew about the “hack” on 7th morning and had been in contact with HiCorp according to their own news. Today is 11th, and the “hacked” site (of a Security Company, no less) isn’t still up.

    SF claimed that US-based hicorp company never supplied to SL Army, while the website’s archival histories show that they have been claiming to do so, even since 2006. If it was “hacked”, the “hackers” have been active since 2006, (or, MR has bought over archive.org as well, as usual)

    Read my article on that if you need some more info.

  2. lefroy Says:

    Stormcrow. Please give me a specific link to a page in archive.org that confirms hicorp did business with the SL Army. And also give me a specific ink in sos.state.ok.us that confirms Danuna is it’s president.

  3. Bardo Says:

    It’s more likely that it was brought down by the Hicorp management (who just happens to be related to Sarath Fonseka) at the request of the SF camp.

  4. Bardo Says:

    Another thing that I find interesting is that Hicorp International Inc had changed ownership on 16th November 2009, and the new owner is someone named Ruwinda Gunarathna. It’s most likely that Danuna Tillakaratne had transfered the ownership of this company to one of his associates to hide the involvement of his uncle the General.

  5. stormcrow Says:


    I said “go check at my article”. Anyway, http://web.archive.org/web/20061123072441/www.hicorp.us/about_us.htm

    I didn’t claim anything about state.* and some of business-related information in state.gov are not free. Either way, this is the most I’m willing to help free of charge right now.

  6. Redacted Says:

    In http://www.sos.state.ok.us website, there is a record of Ruwinda Gunaratne. It says he’s the Registered Agent of Hicorp International Inc and British Borneo since 11/16/2009. There’s no record of Danuna Tilakaratne.

    • Bardo Says:

      It’s a private corporation. The privacy laws don’t allow records of former owners to be accessible by the public.

      There’s no question that Hicorp existed before 16th of November. Web archives of their website attest to that fact. These archives also show the General’s nephew as being its owner/manager. Government records obtained prior to the date of the transfer allegedly show the same.

      The taking down of the Hicorp website only benefit the SF camp. This is a very rotten business, and Dayasiri Jayasekera’s refusal to arge the General’s case citing trivial reasons confirm our suspicions.

  7. lefroy Says:

    Bardo. Rivira had cited their source as http://www.sos.state.ok.us/ So if they can download anything from there, we can as well.

    • Bardo Says:

      True. However, as the owners have been changed recently, we no longer have access to the earlier records that Rivira presumably did prior to the change.

  8. lefroy Says:

    Bardo. If that’s the case, why didn’t Rivira publish it rightaway? They could’ve done it as soon as SF retired

  9. lefroy Says:

    The archives attest to the fact that Hicorp International Inc existed since 2006. They also attest to the fact that Hicorp indeed did business with SL Army. However I couldn’t find an archive that confirms Danuna Tilakaratne was the president/owner of Hicorp. So please provide a link to such archive in archive.org…Also, don’t you think it would’ve been much beneficial for them to just state their site has been hacked, instead of suspending it for 2 days? They run a business.

  10. So if it turns out Fonseka is corrupt too(like most of the self claimed patriots) you would not support him and support Mahinda. Is it bc Mahinda is not corrupt? Or is it bc Mahinda has a right to be corrupt bc he comes from a family that has been at corruption since the times of the british?

    • lefroy Says:

      Liberal Lanka…Yeah it’s kind of like that. See, the only reason I vote for SF is that he’ll put an end to waste & corruption. If he won’t do it, then what’s the point?…I’m not going to vote for anyone other than the 2 main candidates because it’s just an empty protest.

  11. Peter Says:

    Hicorp.us website has been taken out by the owner. It is not ‘blocked’. This act shows they are in trouble, especially from today, after Danuna’s uncle told the truth behind SF’s involvement and the forgery of documents of Borneo company, on TV.

    • lefroy Says:

      This has been pointed out by stormcrow (that the website in question has been taken out by the owner). It could be the case. My attempts to reach the site using a URL encrypter failed…However, still there’s no undeniable evidence that Danuna was the president of the company with the SL Army did business.

  12. lefroy Says:

    Has Fonseka conceded that his son-in-law was the president/owner of Hicorp International Inc? Don’t think so. He said something about Danuna providing a contact address or something though.

  13. lefroy Says:

    Why? You are rooting for a big government guy named Mahinda Rajapakse. That’s against libertarian principle.

  14. stormcrow Says:

    I think the best outcome that would come out of this *in the best* case is that Lefroy would say that he accepts that Fonseka is corrupt and that he will vote for MR, and most likely go and vote SF nevertheless. I guess that would be what most of the “vote the left” liberals would in fact do too.

    In short, 99.99% chance is that this argument is pointless. Lefroy’s other posts show where is allegiances lie and while that’s OK in itself i realized this to be another of Lefroy’s “answer me personally” articles where he hopes that the reader would go into personal trouble to do his research. That’s why i left early. After all, what we know is what is available to anybody and Lefroy is free to do his own research and come in to his own conclusion. However much you spend time to show the shady nature of the deal (including how many stuff SF camp said about HC have been shown to be false), Lefroy would insist on seeing DT’s name in black and white. His lack of such insistence on seeing MR’s name in corruption deals shows where his vote would most likely end up.

    • lefroy Says:

      Ingenious. Don’t we all see everything through the two small holes called eyes? So you telling what would you do if you were me, not what I would really do…”Answer me personally”. Yes. That’s what I ask. But it’s not only me who reads the answers. Failure to give answers always prove something…Mahinda’s corruption. Hah. THARUNYATA HETAK ADS.

    • lefroy Says:

      And also, if those Hicorp shit actually happened, what does that say about Mahinda administration?

    • stormcrow Says:

      >>>> Answer me personally”. Yes. That’s what I ask. But it’s not only me who reads the answers.

      Have you ever asked SF camp to answer the inconsistencies about their claims about hedging deals? Where?

      Have you ever asked SF camp to answer Frederica Jansz’s claims that she didn’t get any letter about court action as claimed by SF camp? Where?

      Have you ever asked people to come up with black and white evidence to prove Mahinda’s corruption? Where?

      As for Tharunyayate Hetak, I have stated my stand in a whole post that bashed them. But since you ask for black and white proof, now it’s up to you to show B&W proof that Tharunyayate Hetak involves corrupt money, since YOU SAID IT.

    • stormcrow Says:

      Before you jump in that SF’w wrongs don’t make MR right, I ask these questions to show your bias in “honestly wanting” answers “on behalf of people”.

    • stormcrow Says:

      ‘hedging’ above must be ‘HiCorp’

  15. Clean Says:

    yes He’s the President of HICORP.
    In there web site http://www.hicorp.us/
    (it’s currently down but you can read it here GOOGLE CHCHE )

    he says


    Our company, Hicorp International, has followed the proper procedures when bidding for tenders with the Sri Lankan Army, Navy and Air Force. As President of HiCorp International, I take full responsibility for all tenders bid for by us, and our partner companies British Borneo Defense, Satpro Communications and Hitrone LC. We believe that these tenders were granted due to the lower bids we consistently offered to the Sri Lankan forces.

    Further, I would like to confirm that although General Fonseka was aware of these bids as Chairman of the Tender Board, his decision to award the tenders to us, were not affected due to my relationship with him or his ownership in the company.

    Thank you,

    Danuna Tilakaratne
    President, HiCorp International & British Borneo Defense
    Oklahoma, USA

  16. lefroy Says:

    Clean. This is the letter the JVP claim to be written by hackers… Note how Sri Lanka is written (SRILANKA)…Also if this is written by Fonseka’s son-in-law, and if he knows what’s going on (“our attention has been brought to certain allegations made in the Sri Lanka parliament…”). Don’t you think Danuna (if he’s a criminal mastermind) would have contacted SF or someone in the UNP or JVP before writing something hurtful to SF?

    • Clean Says:

      Anyway i don’t think he’s a criminal mastermind
      just making profit out of opportunity.

  17. lefroy Says:

    First, where have I said that I am unbiased. As humans, it is impossible to be absolutely unbiased. I’ve called myself a liberal, so it is obvious for which party I usually vote. However, I’m no hard-core UNPer…I honestly want answers. But where have I said that I do it on behalf of the people? I just said people read…About B&W answers. We need B&W answers only when things aren’t clear. However since you want B&W proof that Tharunyata Hetak involves corrupt money, ask the Mahajana Bank about the donations they made to the election campaign of one candidate through an organisation called Tharunyata Hetak.

  18. lefroy Says:

    (As if you aren’t biased) First, where have I said that I am unbiased. As humans, it is impossible to be absolutely unbiased. I’ve called myself a liberal, so it is obvious for which party I usually vote. However, I’m no hard-core UNPer…I honestly want answers. But where have I said that I do it on behalf of the people? I just said people read…About B&W answers. We need B&W answers only when things aren’t clear. However since you want B&W proof that Tharunyata Hetak involves corrupt money, ask the Mahajana Bank about the donations they made to the election campaign of one candidate through an organisation called Tharunyata Hetak. It’s there. Now don’t tell me to go and ask Oklahoma State Secretary about HiCorp.

  19. lefroy Says:

    Above reply is for stormcrow

  20. lefroy Says:

    Great story. Two thumbs up. Sitting nut.

  21. lefroy Says:

    So nuts can read. hmm. That’s new. However, the fact remains, no one has yet provided concrete evidence that GREAT GREAT GREAT Gen. Sarath Fonseka’s son-in-law is the president of HiCorp.

  22. stormcrow Says:

    Well sonny, here’s a little link for you


    follow the procedure and either cheat using the number given by SF’s ex-pal, or use your own credit card. Check the document


    “The undersigned, for the purpose of changing its registered agent … blah blah blah ..

    The Name of the Corporation is: HICORP International inc.

    By President Danuna Tilakaratne.”

    I wouldn’t hold you to your promise. Go vote SF.

  23. lefroy Says:

    I will stay true to my promise. But I’m having trouble of viewing the video. However I think I saw Upul talking last night when I was dozing in front of the tv (help with green card)…In which site can I find this PDF file? sos.state, sooneraccess?…oh, btw, ada derana hates me. It doesn’t let me comment there.

  24. lefroy Says:

    Even though I haven’t yet seen the PDF, since stormcrow doubts me I better say this now. I WON’T BE VOTING FOR SF. I WILL VOTE FOR MAHINDA. Of course, it’s a meaningless statement, for as stormcrow says, nobody sees me voting (fortunately).

  25. lefroy Says:

    Confirmed. HiCorp International Inc is Danuna Tilakaratne’s.

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