Who will win 2010 Presidential Election?


I clicked a link in the blog site of “A Voice In Colombo” and I was taken to a web poll that asks “who do you think will win the Presidential Election”. As I never participate in those kinds of polls, I scrolled down and saw the results two polls. In one poll, 57% of bloggers had said that SF would win. In the other poll (a poll daddy poll) 67% of people had said SF would win….Do I trust those polls? Well, I trust the pollsters. But I don’t think they show the real public opinion. Because if SF already have 67% of the vote, why are we all this excited?….First of all, the people who participate in these internet polls, do have internet connection. These are people with laptops, PCs and expensive mobile phones. Well, this is not necessarily true, but at least they always have internet caffes to go to. Also, if you calculate the average age of a blogger, we’d find a blogger to be quite young….There’s a definite swing towards SF. The majority of first time voters seem to be voting for him. UNP has become stronger, and there’re a considerable number of dissatisfied SLFP members. Most of the people I know who worked in the Labour Ministry when Mahinda was the minister, seem to believe that he’s corrupt. TNA is supporting SF, as well as a fraction of Thondaman’s party. All these things work in the favour of SF…But still, we are talking about eleminating a 35-40% gap between the government and the opposition. That my friends, is a hell of a thing to do. I do believe Mahinda is still ahead…And oh, I forgot about election frauds. Ask Vaas Gunawardena. There was no election in the Eastern Province.


2 Responses to “Who will win 2010 Presidential Election?”

  1. Bardo Says:

    Let’s be honest here. The reason that these naive, cocooned first time voters are supporting SF is simply because it’s not cool to vote for a portly, Sarong and shawl wearing, mustachioed, SLFP politician from the deep South.

    Watch this video and tell me the difference between SF voters and Sarah Palin supporters.

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