The Most Beautiful Presidential Election


What is the most beautiful presidential election so far? For me, it is easy to answer this. 2005 Presidential Election, that close race between Ranil & Mahinda…Remember the 1999 election. It was the craziest election. I don’t know why I say that. Just crazy. Chandrika lost her eye and won the election. People made the wrong choice…In 1994 it was too easy for Chandrika. People needed a change and they made the right choice. But the election wasn’t beautiful. It wasn’t a close race…1987 was just too violent. It was bloody. No one in his right mind could say it was beautiful…1982 was the year we had to make the president the president. There was no way JR could lose that election…2005 was the perfect presidential election. It wasn’t violent. We had two manifestos for the first time from the two main candidates. For the first time, TV was more important than anything else. In the end, people made the right choice (while Prabakaran made the wrong choice)…This 2010 election, is just shitty. Mud slinging has never gone this far. And it’s violent like a war. I don’t even want to talk about how state power is used. Worst of all is that this election, has absolutely nothing to do with the principles of the two candidates. What to do? We have to vote.


2 Responses to “The Most Beautiful Presidential Election”

  1. Who will u vote for?

  2. Bardo Says:

    True. 2005 is pretty much the only time when people voted for principles. They put the country before their stomachs. Ranil stood for appeasement of terrorism, and Mahinda for annihilation of terrorism.

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