Whose Ad Campaign is winning?


After another 20 days we’ll be voting to elect the next SL president. My vote goes for SF, so I could be bias. However I’ll try my best to make this article objective….Mahinda’s Tharunyata Hetak Ad has certainly backfired on him. This is partly due to SF’s counter-attack, but I think mainly due to the fact that Mahinda over did it. At some point, people started to wonder from where the money’s coming from. And anyway, nobody was going to give a crap about what Ping Pong or Iraj had to say about the coming election….Mahinda’s ‘A Brighter Future’ tv ads, cutouts and posters are certainly effective. They rally the SLFP supporters around Mahinda and annoy the SF supporters. They will swing some swing voters to MR’s side. Those ‘maharajaneni’ cutouts and posters will work on ‘blue-blood-people’ but have absolutely no effect on the rest….SF has to rely on TV to win this election as his cutouts and posters are destroyed every night. So far, his two TV ads have been very effective. I remember the first time I saw his first ad (the ad in which a whole village gather to witness Sarath). I thought if this was MR’s, that’d be the end of SF. But Sarath appeared just a few seconds before the ad finished (with terrible graphics)…So who’s ad campaign is better?hmm. Hard to say. Mahinda’s probably slightly ahead. But Sarath has done quite well with far less money and no state power.


8 Responses to “Whose Ad Campaign is winning?”

  1. Acromantula Says:

    HAHAHA… ur’a nice little joker

    Sarath has no money… he’s backed by the US/UNP coalition and now the TNA is on board.. tht probably means more LTTE money as well… Mahinda’s doing all he can with a govt. salary

  2. lefroy Says:

    “Mahinda’s doing all he can with a govt. salary.”….HAH HAH HAH. The joke of the decade.

  3. Bardo Says:

    The thing is, Mahinda is still going to win. No one can be so self deluded to think that any Sinhalese would vote for the candidate endorsed by the LTTE proxy and NGOs.

    • Suresh Says:

      you may be quite surprised to know that there are quite a few Sinhalese who will be voting for SF. Not everyone is blind to the corruption and nepotism that’s ruining our country.

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