I want to believe (not X-Files)


It turns out that I’m not a logical person at all. I’m going to vote for SF. But if you ask me why, I have no ‘real’ answer. In fact, most of what we know about him are against him. The word is that he’s both tough and ruthless. What do you expect? He’d been a soldier for forty long years and about twenty six of them had been as bloody as hell. Do we want a guy like that to rule us? … This brings us to another question. Even if he truly intends to keep his promise of eradicating executive presidency, he would still have to be the executive president until it’s done. Is he qualified enough for the most important job in SL? I don’t believe so. That comment he made on Sunday Leader (white flags) alone is enough to show how inexperienced in politics he is … As I’ve written in an earlier post, I still do believe that he’s racist, regardless of whatever he says now. I don’t have a problem with it, as long as this attitude doesn’t affect his actions and decisions. Fonseka seems to me more of an opportunist than a racist. He will love Tamils if that’s what he need to do. But how can any Tamil or Muslim vote for a Sinhalese racist? … There is also a very valid fear that under a SF regime, the balance of power between the civil and military wings can drastically change in favour of the latter. This fear is very real. Read the interview SF gave to Satarupa Bhattacharjya, Outlook India Magazine, 14th December 2009 for for evidence … I have no concrete reason to believe that SF will make a good president. But I’m still going to vote for him, simply because he’s not MR, simply because I’m sick of Mahinda Rajapakse, his huge family, and his thug-loyalists like Dr. Mervin Silva (MR must have really wanted a Doctor beside him, like Hitler had Dr. Goebbels as his right-hand man. Please, I’m not comparing MR with Adolf). The kind of disregard these people have shown to freedom of speech, transparency, human rights, fundamental rights and democracy in general is just, grrr, damn the despot … If Mahinda wins, we know what’s coming. They haven’t yet completely ripped democracy off us (Irudina, Lanka, and Sunday Leader newspapers are still running). But if he give them another six years (possibly eight years), it’s obvious what’ll happen. With SF though, at least we have a hope. I want to hope. I want to believe.


4 Responses to “I want to believe (not X-Files)”

  1. lefroy Says:

    And oh, remember 2005 presidential election? Of course MR was experienced. But did he have any truly great achievements? Even SB had Samurdi Programme.

  2. Bardo Says:

    Stupid idea IMHO. SF is quite literally a puppet. He has no firm policies apart from doing away with the executive presidency, only to install Ranil as the executive prime minister with similar powers. Considering Ranil’s dictatorial rule over the UNP as its leader, I’m sure that he’s going to be even more autocratic as an executive prime minister.

    Essentially, what we’re electing is Ranil as the executive of this country. We know that he can never with the presidential election. But he doesn’t need to “win” a general election to be the executive prime minister. All he has to do is to offer portfolios and other benefits to MPs to get their support and become the PM.

    While I’m sick of Mahinda’s corruption (and someone, please someone, should put a bullet through Mervyn’s head), at least he’s a strong leader who has a concrete plan to develop the country, and the balls to stand up to our international enemies and petty minority politicians with parochial agenda’s (Olluville harbour for example).

  3. lefroy Says:

    “Concrete plan to develop the country?” Bardo, I don’t see one. Is there any meaningful effort to develop the country? We have Hambantota Harbour, Keravalapitiya, and some bridges. That’s all. What we need is a visionary leader and Mahinda is not. Neither is SF. But still at least there’s hope that he’ll fight against corruption (don’t think he gives a shit about media freedom)…Mahinda is simply too powerful. His family is simply too powerful. That’s why we can’t unsubcribe from receiving MR’s new year message. That’s why Mervyn is doing what he does. That’s why Gotabaya is saying what he says (“I will arrest you Shevan Daniels”) and does what he says. That’s why 28 UNPers and JVPers (including Dayasiri Jayasekara) are going to be arrested before the 26th.

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