My First Love


The montissori I went to had two grades. She was on the second and I was in the first. The first time I saw her, she was drawing something on the dirt. Instantly I fell in love with her (In fact I don’t really know what I felt. But like to think this way)… Later, I found out she was a talented dancer. Teachers didn’t let anyone see her while she practised for the annual concert. We were all dumbfounded when we finally saw her, dancing like a fairy princess. To this day, I haven’t seen any child dance better. Her movements weren’t the awkward, childish ones we see all the time with kids. Instead they were smooth and sophisticated..The greatest obstacle for me in befriending her was that we were in two different grades. The only time I could even see her was the half hour interval they gave us. I really wanted to talk to her, except I didn’t have the guts to approach her. I had no problem with dealing with other girls. But this girl was different. This girl was special… I was a precautious child. I could write sentences, something most other montissori kids couldn’t. So I wrote a note to her. On a piece of paper I wrote, “I like you.” I gave it to another girl to give it to her and tell her who wrote it. She did what she’s told. But I had made a grave mistake. I had assumed that my sweetheart could read. She couldn’t. So she gave it to her mother. She didn’t go ballistic. But she informed the teachers. They informed my mother, and everybody else. So now the whole montissori knew about us.. Nothing bad really came out of all that. We did become friends, but the teachers always had an eye on us. Those days, my hobby was collecting stickers (In fact, it is still my hobby. I have about 15,000 stickers). Everyday, I gave her a sticker. Everyday she gave me some of the biscuits she brought. Once she asked me what I wanted to become when I grow up.” An engineer”, I answered. “Don’t be. Be a driver”, she advised wisely. I asked her what did she want to become when she grew up. “I’ll be a mom”, she replied..On the last day she came to the montissori, I kissed her. I thought about kissing her on her cheeks. But everybody seemed to do that to everybody. I’d seen something my dad do to my mom. I kissed her forehead. We were of the same height, so I had to stand on my toes. That’s the last day I saw her.


9 Responses to “My First Love”

  1. Kulendra Says:

    How old were you when you went to this Montissory?I dont know what you buggers are upto but this certainly explains the bloody boring-ness of my past 27 years of life.

  2. Dee Says:

    that was really cute. My nursery best-friend is still one of my best friends. 🙂

  3. ….some nursery love ah 😛

  4. Chavie Says:

    awww! 😀

  5. Bardo Says:

    My nursery best friend was a filthy little pervert who put his cock out in front of the nuns (I went to the St Anthony’s in Colombo 08) and had a fascination on urinating on others. True story. His dad was a policeman.

  6. needsomesoup Says:

    That was one of the cutest things I;ve read/come across.. LoL..
    Damn.. whats the Montessori that you went to??? isn’t there anyway you could traced her.. Damnnnn…Bah.. your parents must remember her name n all ryt???

    • lefroy Says:

      I don’t remember it’s name. But it was near Veyangoda…I remember her name. A friend of my father is a friend of her father. He’d said that she’s now in Perth but her parents are in Kottawa. I don’t know what she’s doing there. He said she’s reading for a degree.

  7. Whacko Says:

    nice post! hope you saw it on the paper

  8. Mere Says:

    Saw it in the papers. Such a cute story. I know two married couples who met in nursery.

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