The need to believe in a higher power.


I don’t believe in God. Of course, there are many Gods. People have been killing each other for thousands of years to determine which God is true. I don’t care. People can do whatever they like. Religion is probably calamitous. I don’t care. Science is probably calamitous as well. No. Neither do I care about Euthyphro Dilemma and so and so. I don’t care. The only reason I don’t believe in God, is that I have no reason to believe in God. Why should I believe there is a God? But then, there have been occasions I wanted to believe in a higher power. In something bigger than me. Something that can take care of me. When you’re down, seriously down, you feel that way. Probably that’s why people created God, to guide them through hard times..After years of practice, I have completely killed this higher being within me. I don’t want to believe God in the direst of situations. Am I happy about it?..yeah..I AM.


2 Responses to “The need to believe in a higher power.”

  1. lefroy Says:

    Some of my posts were funny. But this isn’t a joke blog..”Almost copy and paste”. Yeah sure. Can you say anything original about God? Even God himself/herself won’t be able to. The greatest debate left for us to debate is whether he has a belly button like Adam had. And that’s nuts.

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