Praveena my sweetheart


Ever watched any of those hindi-widow-dramas on Sirasa, especially Praveena or Mahagedara? Lot of my female friends like them more than they like great American drama’s such as House M.D. And certainly more than they liked Sopranos. I don’t have any beef with those terrible hindi dramas but can’t help thinking, these must be the funniest TV shows on earth without intending to be funny. Look at them. They don’t age. Praveena must be over eighty years old by now. But she looks like a 30 year old. Her daughters, and the grandaughters are of the same age. When she’s with her son, or grandson, she looks as if she’s their wife. Also, she’s the one who runs the entire family. She practically raises her grandchildren, and their parents do nothing. And it’s just ridiculous how they change actors. A crocadile eats someone’s face and after a plastic surgery, he’s a new actor. Sometimes they change actors and don’t give even a that kind of lame excuse. What about those “literal-cliff-hangers?” Everday, somebody’s going to die by tumbling down a cliff. There must be so many cliffs in India. In Mahagedara, that old, old, old woman never dies. I’m sure I’ll die before her.


6 Responses to “Praveena my sweetheart”

  1. Sach Says:

    I just couldn’t stop laughing. Particularly the last line.

  2. Dishan Philips Says:

    Yeah man! That so damn true. Some times when i don’t have anything to watch i flick channels and come across one of these tv shows. I don’t understand. From the time I start watching some one has to cry or nag. It’s so sickening. And those close up shots they do. So funny! They repeat the same few frames over and over again, with music they think sounds scary but is funny. It’s so freaking hilarious. You should watch “Leader”. The sinhala one. You’ll go nuts. There is this scene where Ranjan wants to enter the villain’s house. He can’t cause there is a 12 foot gate. The guy walks back and jumps not only over the gate but over the house and the pool behind the the house and lands in the backyard, right in front of the villain. Crazy!

  3. Angel Says:

    Gasp! Praveena has grandchildren now? But she only got married 2 (??) years ago! Maii.. how time flies!

  4. Shaji P Says:

    Hi Praveena I Love You

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