My 10 favourite movies.


Alright, now, this requires a lot of thinking. OK. My 10th favourite movie is Shawshank Redemption. This is a great movie about hope and redemption. It depicts the prison life of a falsely accused man, and how he finally escapes. 9th favourite is American Pie part II (please don’t stop reading). This must be the funniest sex comedy of all time. 8th favourite is Aviator. Starring Leonardo DeCaprio, it is the story of american industrialist and aviator, Howard Hughes. 7th favourite is Shakespeare in Love. Tom Stoppard’s screenplay was fantastic. But it required great actors to act it, and Gwenyth Paltrow, my non-existing God, she acted it well. The 6th favourite is Braveheart. It’s impossible to remember this one without remembering its soundtrack. One of the best ever. And remember that last scene when Wallace is finally beheaded? Just magnificent. The 5th favourite is Legends.Of.The.Fall. Again the soundtrack is great, but who steals the show is Brad Pitt. The storyline was fantastic. The 4th favourite is The English Patient. Well, lots of people found this movie to be slow and boring, but I didn’t. The cinematography was just outstanding. Those desert scenes are priceless. The musical score was dreamy and beautiful. And Ralph Fiennes makes Almasy his own. I can’t imagine any actor who’d act it better than him. The 3rd favourite is Before Sunrise. For me, this is the most romantic movie ever. All there is, is one long conversation between two young man and a woman while walking on the streets of Vienna. But it is so beautiful. That scene in the studio, both too embarrassed to look directly at each other, is one of my all time favourites. The 2nd favourite is Donny Darko. I’m sure that most of you haven’t even heard of it. This is probably the least commercially successful movie on this list. But it’s a strange, strange movie, combining several different genres. It’s kind of philosophical too. And finally, my fovourite movie is, papparapaaa… The Godfather Part II. Al Pacio is having the time of his life. It’s the perfect mafia movie. It’s dark and (well, not violent if compared to the ones we see nowadays) cruel. And it’s amazing how Michael Corleone gradually loses his soul..It’s interesting that no movie since Aviator (which I think was released in 2002) has made it to this list. There had been great movies like The Lord of the Rings and Crash and so on. But they are, for me, not that good. It seems that the period between 94 to 97 were the best days ever.


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