Dear Sarath Fonseka. Oh shit.


Sarath Sarath Sarath. What can I say? Buddy, I still think you’re racist. I still remember that racist comment you made, that Tamil don’t have any f..king right for this country. I don’t really have a problem with it. After all, deep down, aren’t we all racist? Just as much we are all sexist? You’re just a guy who has a loudspeaker for a heart. So I can’t blame you. Same thing with Sunday Leader article. Just ask somebody before you say anything. You are worse than Sarah Palin, who thought Africa was a country, and that Iraq bordered Afghanistan. But the thing is that, boy you fu..kd it all up. You, who could’ve been a national hero like Kappetipola, now forever will be remembered as a ‘cylinder of shit’ out of Mahinda’s ass. You think Ranil will give a stinking tooth about you when you lose? He’d ask you to give him a blowjob, if anything. Anyway, your entrance into politics I think is good for the country. But certainly not for you.


3 Responses to “Dear Sarath Fonseka. Oh shit.”

  1. Suresh Says:

    You’re full of shit mate… Stop insulting people who’re bigger and better men than you will ever be!

    • lefroy Says:

      Well, I voting for Sarath. I like the guy. Anyway anyone’s better than Mahinda, who has a dog named Mervyn to do the things he can’t do himself. But Suresh, certainly you have to agree that Sarath’s got to watch his mouth…well. I do insult. I can understand that they could be offensive to some. But still, this is a blog, and you can choose not to read if you want to.

  2. You gotta’ expect all this, esp. when you consider he’s working with UNP, who have plenty of loose cannons!

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