The Bullshit of Hela Urumaya


Whenever I meet someone who supports Hela Urumaya, there’s one question I never fail to ask. What would’ve Buddha said about what you do? Imagine Athuraliye Rathana Thero going to meet Buddha, and asking for permission to run for the parliament. There are several ways he might have responded, but I fail to see any way he could’ve condoned it. And look at what they’ve been doing. War mongering. Now you have to do what you have to do. You have to war when you have to war. But certainly, war mongering isn’t something a buddhist monk should do under any circumstances, right? Also look what Patali Champika did. He took a parliament membership. Didn’t they promise they won’t give it to a non-monk. What about that 1300 lakh buddhist research centre? Sri lanka isn’t a secular country. So it’s legal I think. But aren’t there a lot of poor temples scattered all around the island that could’ve used that money? Then what about Ellawala Medananda Thero’s mathata thitha comment. According to him, it’s okay for the president to serve alcohol in his parties. Forgive the blasphemy (I’m not religious at all), but he’s just selling his…..Hela Urumaya has eaten the buddhist establishment from within. Now we have other monks running for presidency. Again, what would’ve Buddha said? I can one thing for certain though. Enlightenment is far away from these monks.


One Response to “The Bullshit of Hela Urumaya”

  1. Perhaps you could say that the JHU parlimentarians are just rogues in Orange robes!

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